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Sams Beach Shack is owned and run by Sam Mendes.

Allan Rowlands is the web master for and edits the

website in accordance with Sam's instructions.

A little about

1992 - 2015

Sam first had the idea to sell food and drinks to the visitors on Mobor Beach in South Goa back in 1992.

Back then Sam made do with borrowed chairs and tables from family and friends.

He even had family members doing the food preparation, and freely admits that he did not know how much to charge for a meal of Lobster (some people got the cheapest lobster in India that year!)

Sam got through that first year and learned much on the way.

This is how Sam's Beach Shack has gone from strength to strength, and manages to attract an ever increasing loyal community of visitors who spend many hours using the sun loungers and enjoying the hospitality and welcome shade after the hot Goan sun.

Sam talks and listens to what the visitors to his shack have to say, He has made lots firm friends from many different countries over the years.

Sam's Beach Shack has metamorphosed over the years from a basic fabric roof tied to a few bamboo poles, to the splendid domed structures that Sam erects on some years.

The first dome beach shack that Sam had built was in 2004/5 season. It attracted much attention as it really was different to any of the others on Mobor or Cavelossim beaches.

Sam has tried a few different styles such as pent roofs and getting drinks companies help in return for advertising, etc.

However Sam has come to realise that the domed or more traditional beach shack is a winner, it tends to be cooler as well, due to the higher roof allowing more air circulation.

You can get some idea of the skill that goes into building the domed shack on the "Building The Shack" page.

Also these Beach shacks have to be built following strict rules regarding materials. The beach must be cleared of all materials used in the building and running of the shack at the end of the tourist season.

This all helps to keep Mobor Beach in good condition. After all it is one of the best beaches in India and in the top ten for the whole of Asia!

The past couple of years has been a bit chaotic for the shack owners on most of the beaches in Goa, mainly due to changes in the way that the lots are drawn. This has meant that some of the beach shacks have not been allocated their usual position on the beach. However this has not seemed to stop visitors finding their way to Sam's Beach Shack.

This year Sam's Beach Shack will once again be found to the Left as you walk onto the beach from

"Holiday Inn" and just a short relaxing walk to the Right from "The Leela".

Now in it's 23rd year on Mobor Beach.

A reputation for good food, cold drinks (or hot if you want!) and a friendly welcome when you get there.

Oh' and a Boat with Sam's Shack painted on it pointing the way is a big help too!

The Picture Below

Looking over the boat towards Sam's Beach Shack in the background.

February 2013

Sam's Beach Shack way back at the beginning 1992

called Blue Waves back then.